How to Delete Internet History on Windows XP

By Harvey Michales

Your Internet history stores all of the pages that you have been to, but in some instances, you may want to clear the history to free up space or so that no one knows about certain websites you have been to. In order to do this, you must navigate to a certain area on your computer. Free up memory or just cover your tracks by deleting your Internet history today.

Step 1

Click the Start button the bottom left corner of you screen. This will pull up a larger submenu. The submenu will have two columns, and you will want the one on the right-hand side. In the middle of that column will be a screen with a checkmark on it with the title of “Control Panel.” Click it.

Step 2

Look for the “Internet Options” icon. The Internet Options icon will look like a globe with a screen with checkmarks on it. Once you have found it, double-click on it to open up the Internet Options area.

Step 3

Browse through the window that has just popped up. The name of the window should be “Internet Properties.” There should be 7 tabs on this window, and you will want the “General” tab. Click on the name of the tab to open it up. When you do, you will be given several options to choose from, such as “Home Page,” “Browsing History” and “Appearance.”

Step 4

Go to “Browsing History” and click the button that says “Delete.” The new popup screen should say “Delete Browsing History.” Go the bottom of this menu and click “delete all.” When it prompts you, click “yes.” This will clear your whole Internet History. If you are running a toolbar that has a search function, make sure you go to the specific toolbar and clear the search history on there as well.

Step 5

Open up a browser window and check the address bar to see if the sites you have visited have been deleted. If it has not been deleted, then repeat the process and restart your computer to see if the changes have taken effect. Also remember to clear out any other search functions that may be on the toolbar, as deleting the history will not delete some of these search function activities. If it still has not cleared the history, go in and manually delete the temporary Internet files and the auto complete section.