How to Delete Items From the Safari Toolbar

By Craig Witt

Safari is a web browser developed by Apple. Shipped as the default browser for the Mac OS X operating system, Safari is also offered in a Windows version of the program. Safari is similar to other modern browsers in many ways, including its support of tabbed browsing, pop-up ad blocking, spell checking, and password management. However, the way in which its toolbar is configured differs markedly from the popular Internet Explorer and Firefox browsers.

Step 1

Open a Safari browser window.

Step 2

Click "View" in the top menu bar and then select "Customize Toolbar."

Step 3

Remove items from the toolbar by clicking them, holding down the mouse button, dragging them off of the toolbar, and then releasing your click. This action can be applied to all of the toolbar buttons, including the back and forward commands, the address bar, the search bar, and the home button.

Step 4

Click "Done" to close the toolbar menu after completing your changes.