How to Delete Programs From a Mac

By Deanna Koch

Deleting programs or applications on a Mac really couldn't be any easier. When Apple introduced OSX, they made installing and removing applications a breeze. Prior to OSX, it took a bit more time and savvy to remove an application completely. However, now you can do it in less than a couple minutes.

Things You'll Need

  • Mac

Removing the Application

Step 1

Locate the application you want to delete by opening the hard drive and then opening the Applications folder.

Step 2

Select the application you want to delete by clicking once on it. If the application resides in a folder, select the folder.

Step 3

On your keyboard, hold down the "Command" key while tapping the "Delete" key.

Step 4

Empty your computer's trash by right-clicking on the Trash Can icon in your dock and choosing "Empty Trash."

Tips & Warnings

  • If you are running OS9 or earlier, visit for further instructions.
  • Be very certain of what you want to delete before choosing to do so.

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