How to Delete Using Keynote on the iPad

By Julius Vandersteen

If you're working on a slideshow presentation using Keynote on your iPad, you'll occasionally need to delete an item in a slide or delete an entire slide. The iPad is a tablet computer made by Apple, with a 9.7-inch color LED touch-sensitive display and built-in speaker, making it suitable for making and playing slideshows with the Keynote app. The device has a touch-sensitive display, which you tap and touch to work with slides in Keynote.

Step 1

Press the iPad’s home button, which is located below the multi-touch display.

Step 2

Tap the “Keynote” icon on the device’s home screen to launch the app.

Step 3

Swipe from left to right to scroll through preview images of your Keynote presentations. Tap the preview image of the slideshow containing the slide that you want to delete to open the slideshow presentation for editing.

Step 4

Tap the thumbnail of a slide on the left side of the display to select it. Tap the slide once more when you want to delete the slide. The Delete option appears, along with options to copy and paste.

Step 5

Tap “Delete” to delete the slide.

Step 6

Tap the thumbnail of a slide to select it, and then tap an item on the slide in the main Keynote window if you want to delete an element in a slide, such as a picture or a text box. Tap the item once more. Tap the “Delete” option to delete the element of the slide that you selected.

Step 7

Double-tap a section of text in a text box to select it. Drag the handles on the text to select more or less of the text. A pop-up menu appears. Tap “Cut” to delete the selected text.