How to Detect Mobile Phone Spy Ware

By Marshal M. Rosenthal

Mobile phones have become a part of our daily lives and hold personal information on them that is not intended to be viewed by anyone else. Mobile phones that have been infected with spyware are vulnerable to invasions of privacy, and spyware can result in financial loss as well. There are a number of signs that point to spyware on a mobile phone. Detecting whether there is spyware on a mobile phone only requires being observant and looking for a few distinct signs of activity.

Things You'll Need

  • Mobile phone invoice

Step 1

Compare the battery life you are getting on the mobile phone with that of a month ago. A significantly shorter battery life can indicate that the battery is being drained by spyware on the mobile phone.

Step 2

Note how many times the mobile phone flashes without the ringer sounding. This can indicate that spyware has activated remote monitoring on the cell phone.

Step 3

Check your invoice statement for increases in text charges, as this can indicate that spyware on the mobile phone is sending text messages without your knowledge.

Step 4

Check the phone number called, or website accessed by anyone who has borrowed your phone--the majority of spyware requires that someone physically download a file to the phone.

Step 5

Listen for any strange or unusual sounds that interrupt your mobile phone conversations. A strange or unusual sound can indicate that spyware is active during the phone conversation.

Tips & Warnings

  • Be careful that the spy detection software you have downloaded to use on the mobile phone is not itself spyware.
  • Spyware on the mobile phone can steal your bank and other important passwords.