How to Disable Blocked Calls in an iPhone

By Cee Jay

So, your iPhone is blocking calls that you actually want to receive. To remedy this, you will need to find out how the calls were blocked in the first place. Certain apps can be used to block calls and text messages, and Google Voice is also capable of blocking once your number is ported over. In addition, AT&T added a service that blocks calls through parental controls.

Step 1

Uninstall iBlacklist or MCleaner. Both of these apps have call-barring capabilities and are available through Cydia. If you don't know what Cydia is, your iPhone is not jailbroken, which is one of the requirements. If your iPhone is jailbroken, scroll through the pages of apps, or insert the names of the apps in the search box. Tap the Cydia icon, then press "Manage," "Packages." If you see one of these apps in the list, tap it then press "Uninstall."

Step 2

Unsubscribe to the Smart Limits service from AT&T, or disable the call blocking feature. This online service is capable of blocking up to 30 numbers. It is more of a parental controls feature, with options to filter adult content, limit data and restrict iPhone usage to specific times of the day. Log in to, and click "Blocked Numbers." Remove the numbers from the list and press "Save" to confirm the changes.

Step 3

Remove the Silent Ringtone from the blocked number. A silent ringtone is just that: silent. Every time that contact dials your number, the iPhone mutes the ringing sound. This can make it appear that someone is blocked when he is only being sent to voicemail. The silent ringtone was added through iTunes, and synced to the phone. Tap "Contacts" and tap the blocked number. Tap "Ringtone," then pick a different ringtone from the list.

Step 4

Install TrapCall to unblock the caller's number. Private callers block their caller ID information by dialing *67 before dialing. If the caller is using an iPhone, he may have blocked it by going to "Settings," "Phone," "Show My Caller ID," then choosing, "Off." The next time you receive a private call, send it to voicemail and it will automatically redirect to TrapCall. They will receive the ID, then reroute the call back to you, unblocked.