How to Disable iPhone Mobile Websites

By Lanae Carr

Smartphones are designed to give you access to as many computing tasks as possible. iPhones, for example, come with email, fast web browsers and software applications to manage productivity. However, in your web browser for iPhone, you may notice that some web pages redirect you to the mobile version of their websites. Mobile websites for iPhone offer larger screens and a simplified interface for convenience, but the removal of full website menus can block you from access to important features. These websites can be adjusted to disable the mobile version so that you can navigate the page as if you were on a full computer.

Step 1

Touch the Safari icon from your iPhone screen.

Step 2

Enter the URL of the mobile website you want to disable.

Step 3

Touch "View Full Website" at the bottom of the screen. You will be directed to the full website for the URL. This link may also be listed as the URL of the website.

Tips & Warnings

  • Try searching the web for specific content on a page as many websites do not detect your mobile device when you do not visit the home page first.