How to Do Hashtags

By Morgan O'Connor

A hashtag refers to a word on Twitter preceded by the "#" sign. The hashtag make it easy for Twitter users interested in the same topic to search for Tweets related to the topic. For example, if you want to read Tweets related to music, you could search for "#music" on Twitter. Twitter does not create these hashtags, so you can make your own hashtag if you can't find one that suits your purpose.

Step 1

Navigate to your Twitter account.

Step 2

Search for any hashtags that relate to subjects that interest you or that you Tweet about. This lets you read other users Tweets about a subject and helps you determine which hashtags to use in your own Tweets -- and whether you must make up your own hashtag rather than use an existing one.

Step 3

Click within the "What's happening?" field on your Twitter homepage to create your own Tweet.

Step 4

Type the hashtag of your choice into your Tweet at any point you wish. Some people put them at the end, but you can include yours in the middle if you want. If you put the hashtag at the end, it does not need to be a grammatical part of your sentence. For example, either "Listening to some great #music by Leonard Cohen" or "Listening to Leonard Cohen #music" would be acceptable. You may include more than one hashtag in a Tweet, if you wish.

Tips & Warnings

  • If you create your own hashtag, keep it short. Twitter limits you to 140 characters per Tweet, including hashtags. A long hashtag, such as, "#myfavoritemusicever," takes up too many of your 140 characters to be practical.