How to Download an MP3 on Your iPhone

By Missy Jess

The Apple iPhone is a smartphone with a touchscreen interface. In addition to making and receiving phone calls and text messages, this phone allows you to surf the Internet, take photos, check your email, play games and use applications. This device also as a fully functional iPod MP3 player. The iPhone comes with a handful of pre-installed apps, including the Apple iTunes store. The iTunes app allows you to download MP3s directly from your iPhone, no matter where you are.

Things You'll Need

  • iTunes account

Step 1

Press the circle "Home" button on your iPhone to wake it up.

Step 2

Locate the iTunes app icon and tap it with your finger. This icon has a white music note over a purple background.

Step 3

Find the song you wish to download. To search the iTunes database, press the "Search" icon. Tap the search text box and type in the song or artist's name. Press "Search" to query the database. Or, you can browse by pressing the "Music" icon. You can browse by new releases, top 10s or by genre.

Step 4

Tap the song you wish to purchase. This brings you to a screen with more details about the song, including release date and reviews.

Step 5

Press the price icon. The price icon changes to a green "BUY NOW" icon. Press the "BUY NOW" icon to purchase and download the song. The iTunes store might prompt you to enter your iTunes password. If so, type in your password and press "OK." This downloads the song and charges the purchase to the credit card on file with your iTunes account.

Step 6

View your MP3 download in progress by tapping the "More" icon at the bottom of the screen and selecting "Downloads." Once the download finishes, press the "Purchased" button at the top left corner of the screen. This brings you to the "Purchased" playlist. To listen to your new song, scroll through the list and tap on your new song.

Tips & Warnings

  • Preview a 30-second clip of the song by touching the song's name.
  • If you have trouble downloading a song, tap the "More" icon and press "Downloads." Tap on the "Retry" icon next to the song to finish the download. If this doesn't work, connect your iPhone to your computer and finish downloading it through iTunes.
  • When you connect your iPhone to the computer, the iPhone automatically adds songs purchased through the iTunes iPhone app store to your computer's iTunes library.