How to Download Bangla Songs

By Jason Taetsch

"Bangla" is the common name of Bengali, the official language of the country of Bangladesh. If you are a native Bangla speaker, or want to experience a taste of Bangladeshi culture, you can download Bangla songs to your computer. Downloading copyrighted material, including songs in other languages, is still illegal and may land you in court, so make sure the file you are downloading is offered for free from the hosting website.

Step 1

Open a Web browser and visit the site that hosts the download files for Bangla songs. If you are unsure of a site, a good place to start is your favorite search engine. Type "Bangla Songs" or "Free Bangla MP3s" into the search field to find a page that hosts Bangla songs.

Step 2

Click the "Download" link for the Bangla song. For some files, you may have to right-click the "Download" link and click "Save File As" from the context menu to initiate the download process.

Step 3

Click "OK" or "Yes" in the security window that appears and click the "Save" button to begin downloading the Bangla song to your computer. The downloaded file will appear in the "Downloads" folder of your Windows operating system once the transfer is complete.