How to Download Flash Player Videos

By Justin H. Pot

Online Flash video is awesome, but if you want to view your favorites offline, you're going to need to download them. You might think this is impossible, because these files are built into custom-made flash players. You're wrong--most Flash videos are perfectly possible to download if you know how. All you need to do so simply and easily is the proper tools, and happily these tools are free.

Step 1

Download and install Firefox, if you haven't already. This free, secure open-source browser is almost infinitely extensible, thanks to thousands of third-party extensions.

Step 2

Download NetVideoHunter, a Firefox extension that allows users to download Flash videos. Sites currently supported include YouTube and Google Video, though you'll find many Flash-based video sites work flawlessly.

Step 3

Point Firefox toward your Flash video of choice, just the way you do to watch it.

Step 4

Download the video using NetVideoHunter. Click the blue icon in the bottom right of the window, then click the name of the video. You'll be asked where to save the file and it will download.

Tips & Warnings

  • Can't play the videos you download with your video player? Check out VLC, a free, open-source video player capable of opening FLV files.