How to Download Free Icons

By Liz Jacobs

An icon is a graphic image that can be placed on a website or desktop. Icons come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and they add color and personality to a website. Some facial expression icons can show emotions, and other icons can help website visitors to understand your interests. Others are flashy and animated. While some icons cost money to download, you can download icons for free by visiting several sites on the web.

Step 1

Go to a website like Icon Archive, Free Icons Web or Best Free Icons.

Step 2

Click on the category and icon you want.

Step 3

Click "Download." The image will download to your computer. Open your computer's download folder to find and use the icon. If you downloaded an entire icon package, click on the downloaded zip file. The file will unzip once you click on it and reveal subfolders such as "PNG" "ICO" or "Readme." Click on the ICO folder to reveal the different icons in the package. Click on one of the icons to see what it looks like.