How to Download Free Rings on a Boost Mobile Phone

By Peyton Brookes

Ringtones add a personal touch to your cell phone by playing music, television or voice clips each time the phone rings. You can also assign a specific ringtone to an individual or group of callers, which offers convenience when you need to identify callers without looking at the phone. Boost Mobile offers several feature phones that provide ringtone compatibility. Ringtones are accessible through two methods: computer and mobile device downloads. Several file sharing and wireless application protocol (WAP) websites offer free ringtones. However, you should be careful which sites you use because some may not meet security standards.

Step 1

Go to a free ringtone provider's website, such as Mobango, Mobiles24, and Find Great Deals (see Resources) using your phone's browser. You can also complete the selection process using your computer's browser.

Step 2

Create a new account by entering a new username and password. Most services require that you set up an online account to download ringtones.

Step 3

Click "Boost Mobile" in the "Select Carrier" drop-down menu or section on the ringtones page. If required, click your device in the listing.

Step 4

Select a genre, artist, album or song by entering a title in the search box or selecting from the "Featured" or "New Arrivals" section. Click the "Go" or "Search" button.

Step 5

Click the link for a ringtone that interests you. You can also click the "Preview" or "Listen" button to hear a brief clip.

Step 6

Click the "Download" link to install the ringtone to your phone. Alternatively, enter your Boost Mobile number and then click the "Send" button if you are using your computer. You should receive a text message on your phone. Click the "Download" button in the message.

Step 7

Go to your phone's sound options and open "Calls" or "Sounds" to test and assign the ringtone.