How to Download Free Video to MP3 Players

By Techwalla Electronics Editor

Technology allows us to take practically anything anywhere. Our phones can come with us onto boats, our computers can follow us into a coffee shop and our televisions and movies can follow us anywhere we want to go. You can catch up with your favorite television shows on the bus ride to work. But before you can take your video anywhere, you first need to transfer it to a portable device such as an mp3 player. Read on to learn how to download free video to mp3 players.

Step 1

Search for the free videos you want. If you are looking for television shows, there are large libraries of old TV shows online. There is also a link in the Resources section to a program that lets you download your favorite videos off of YouTube and Google video. If you need more than that, a simple good search for "free video downloads" will get you where you're going.

Step 2

Group all your videos into one place. It's easier to find and organize them this way. It's also a good way to line them up and choose among them. Mp3 players don't offer a ton of storage space, so you're going to have to limit yourself to only a handful of videos.

Step 3

Find an mp3 Player that supports video format. This would obviously involve having a screen and more RAM. It also means you will be spending more money. Unfortunately, as it is with everything, the more you want, the more you have to pay. Money may be a big factor in how many videos you can watch.

Step 4

Connect your mp3 player to your computer via the USB interface that should have come along with your mp3 purchase. Give your computer a few moments to recognize the new hardware. This step may involve downloading new programs, which may also be in your mp3 player box.

Step 5

Download your videos onto your player, and enjoy access to videos that is not limited by electrical outlets and television sets. You can change the videos on your mp3 player as many times as you like. So repeat these steps and you will never get bored.