How to Download Google and Install Google Toolbar

By Matt McGew

Google Toolbar is an add-on application available for Microsoft's Internet Explorer and Mozilla's Firefox Web browsers. By downloading the Google Toolbar, you can access Google searches directly from the toolbar of your Web browser without having to go to Google's home page. Additionally, the Google Toolbar allows you to share web pages with your friends and instantly translate Web pages.

Step 1

Open the Microsoft Internet Explorer or the Mozilla Firefox browser on your computer by double-clicking the browser's icon.

Step 2

Enter "" in the browser's search bar. Press the "Return" or "Enter" key on your computer.

Step 3

Click the "Install Google Toolbar" button.

Step 4

Click the "Agree and Install" button to agree to Google's terms of service.

Step 5

Click the "Install Now" button.

Step 6

Click the "Restart" button when prompted to restart your browser and complete the installation process.