How to Download Google Earth Street View

By Joshua Benjamin

Google Earth is a program produced by Google that essentially functions as a satellite map of the entire world--and has recently been upgraded to include the ocean floor and the surface of Mars as well. One of the more interesting features in Google Earth is the ability to zoom all the way down to street level and see exactly what your neighbor's house looks like without having to get up from the comfort of your easy chair. Best of all, the entire program--including the street-level view--is free and simple to download.

Step 01

Launch your preferred Web browser and navigate to the Google Earth download page. A link has been provided for you in the "Resources" section of this article.

Step 11

Click the large blue "Download Now" text--or the green button immediately to the left of the text--to start the download of the "bootstrap" file. The bootstrap file must be launched in order to download the full Google Earth program.

Step 21

Launch the file once it has downloaded. Google Earth will automatically begin downloading onto your computer.

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