How to Download Pandora Songs

By Lindsay Maddox

There are numerous options for music downloading, thanks to sites offering a plethora of listening options. With little time and effort, it is possible to locate, download, and start listening to digital music. One such site that helps to promote music is Pandora Radio. Through a partnership with iTunes and, it takes merely a few clicks to download the songs heard on Pandora.

Step 1

Determine which song on Pandora you’d like to download. You will be able to see the song that is playing, along with the two most recently played songs.

Step 2

Click “buy” on the upper right corner of whichever box the desired song is located. A menu will pop up, giving you three purchasing options.

Step 3

Select “iTunes, Amazon MP3, or Amazon CD,” depending on your desired method of purchase. A new window will open automatically, transferring you to the desired music download site. If iTunes is selected, the iTunes program will also open up on your desktop.

Step 4

Click “Buy Song,” on iTunes, “Buy MP3” on Amazon MP3, or “Buy the MP3 Album” on Amazon CD and follow the payment instructions. After payment has been processed, the song will begin downloading and will appear within the program you downloaded it to.

Tips & Warnings

  • Pandora only shows three songs at a time and you cannot go backward to find which songs had already played. Therefore, if you hear a song you want, click “buy” immediately, before it disappears.
  • Instead of buying each track as you hear it, consider keeping a list of favorite songs and downloading them all at once through Amazon, iTunes, or any other music store.