How to Download Telugu Songs Freely

By Julius Vandersteen

If you are in the mood to listen to some Telugu music but your budget does not permit you to purchase any songs, or if you cannot find any recordings in your local music shop, you can download free Telugu songs to your computer. Telugu has more than 73 million speakers in Andhra Pradesh in southern India, according to the Center for South Asia Studies at the University of California at Berkeley. You can download free public domain Telugu songs from websites offering Telugu cultural information and music.

Step 1

Launch a Web browser on your computer.

Step 2

Navigate to a website offering free Telugu songs, such as the Internet Archive, Old Telugu Songs or Raaga. The Internet Archive and Old Telugu Songs websites allow you start downloading songs immediately; Raaga requires you to first sign up for a free account.

Step 3

Browse through the list of the Telugu songs or enter specific search terms for Telugu songs in the search box, and click “Search.”

Step 4

Click the name of a song to download it to your computer.