How to Earn Fast Cash Through Electronic Recycling

By Techwalla Contributor

Have you ever wondered how you earn fast cash through electronic recycling? At times, earning fast cash is critical to pay the mortgage or keep the lights on. Although the majority of people are experiencing hard financial times, there are ways to survive. It's a matter of staying positive and using your creativity. If you need some fast cash, here are some ideas.

Step 1

Help people that need to get rid of old electronics and earn fast cash. Offer to pick up old electronics such as PCs, printers, cell phones and televisions. Even if these items don't work, you can pick them up and sell them to recycling centers.Electronic recycling helps the environment, the householder that needs to get rid of electronics and you make some fast money.

Step 2

Choose a recycling center that offers compensation for recycling items. Many centers only offer the free service without compensation

Step 3

Check newspapers for people that need to dispose of electronics. Pick up the items from trash bins at apartment complexes or by the curbside. Collect a number of items and then contact the recycling center of your choice. Some centers offer free pick up.

Step 4

Make flyers to advertise your electronic recycling business. Briefly outline the benefits of recycling. Distribute them at office buildings, acquaintances or hand them out to people you come in contact with. Place wanted ads in newspapers and offer your services free of charge.

Step 5

Maximize your efforts to earn fast cash more quickly by pulling a trailer with your car if you don't have a truck. Schedule multiple pick-ups on the same day or afternoon to save on gas.

Tips & Warnings

  • More people will need to upgrade their television sets within the next 5-6 months as they upgrade to digital.
  • Many consumers are upgrading their computer monitors.