How to Edit Mov Files in iMovie

By Chris Moore

QuickTime movie files, which have the file extension .mov, are among the primary video files that work with Apple's iMovie. The iMovie video-editing software comes standard with Apple computers. Importing a movie file into the application and editing it by cutting, pasting and adjusting the audio/video are all simple processes. You can then take the edited movie and save it in a new file, be it in .mov or some other format.

Step 1

Go to the "File" menu in the iMovie application and select the "Import Movies" command. It's at the bottom of the list near three Import commands.

Step 2

Select the .mov file from the list in the Import box and then choose to make it a new event or part of an old one. Choose whether you want to move or copy the file to iMovie. The file will appear in the application's list of events.

Step 3

Create a new project for the file using the "New Project" command in the File menu. Give the project a name and select an aspect ratio. The project name will appear in the library list in the top-left corner.

Step 4

Drag the cursor across the entire event file in the Event window at the bottom of the screen to highlight it. Then drag the file into the Project window, creating a duplicate of the file for the project.

Step 5

Highlight a section of the clip in the Project window using the cursor and press the Delete button to cut that part of the movie.

Step 6

Click on one of the buttons at the left end of the clip to make adjustments to the clip. This includes adjusting the color and brightness, adjusting the volume level, and trimming or cropping the picture image.

Step 7

Export the edited movie to the computer using the "Export With QuickTime" command in the Share menu. You have a number of format options, including saving it to another .mov file or to an MP4.