How to Email a Fax Machine

By Howard Portnoy

Sending a fax takes little effort so long as you have a fax machine or fax modem card installed in your computer. Sending a fax takes a few more steps if you don't. You can still send faxes provided you have an email program and Internet connection.

Things You'll Need

  • Email program
  • Internet connection

Step 1

Open your computer browser. In the address field, copy and paste a URL from one the email-to-fax programs listed under References.

Step 2

Complete the information requested at the site you have chosen. Don't worry if the site prompts you to enter your own fax number and you have don't have one. Just leave this field blank.

Step 3

Click "Browse," if you're given the option to attach a document, and then navigate to the location on your computer where the fax file is located. Then click "OK." Otherwise, type your fax message in the field shown.

Step 4

Type in the confirmation code shown if the program asks for it. Some email-to-fax programs send you a confirmation email.

Step 5

Click "Send Free Fax Now" or "Fax It!" or whatever the button for sending the fax reads.

Tips & Warnings

  • If the program you used sends a confirmation email, check your email periodically. Click this link to complete the sending of your fax.
  • Make sure you have the area code of the fax number you are sending to.
  • Make sure the document you attach has one of the formats shown.