How to Email Large Zip Files

By Ruri Ranbe

Some zip files are too large to send through email. Most email clients set a limitation on the size of emails or attachments a user can send and receive. Gmail and Yahoo! Mail, for example, have a maximum attachment size of 25MB; Windows Live Mail sets the cap at 10MB. MS Outlook does not put limits on message or attachment size, but other email clients will refuse emails from the program if the message exceeds a certain size.To email large zip files to another user via an attachment, use a file archiver to split the zip file into multiple files.

Step 1

Check the help documentation included with the email client and search for information on the attachment size limitations or message size limitations. Use the results to determine how big each zip file should be.

Step 2

Download and install WinZip, 7-Zip, WinRAR. Click "Start." Click "Computer." Navigate to the location of the large zip file. Right-click the file.

Step 3

Select "Add to Zip File" or "Add to Archive" from the drop-down menu. Enter a name for the zip file or leave the default name.

Step 4

Select "Other Size" from the "Split Zip File" menu or enter an amount into the "Split to Volume, Bytes" field. For MS Outlook, Gmail or Yahoo! Mail, entering "20MB" into the field is recommended. For Windows Live Mail, enter "5MB" into the field if you intend to include text along with the message; otherwise, set the size as "10MB."

Step 5

Click "Browse" or "..." and navigate to a folder to save the file archives to. Select "Zip" as the archive if the option is available.

Step 6

Click "Add" or "OK" to split the large zip file. Sign in to your email account.

Step 7

Create a new message and select the option to add an attachment. Navigate to the folder where the split zip file is saved.

Step 8

Select the first file in the set of zip files. Since most email clients have a size limitation for each message, you must create and send a new email for each 5, 10 or 20MB segment.

Tips & Warnings

  • The other user's email client might refuse the messages if the emails exceed its size limitations. Check with the user to find out the client's message or attachment size limitations before creating and sending the zip files.