How to Embed a Photo in Yahoo Email

By Techwalla Contributor

Recently a situation arose where I needed to embed a photo in my yahoo email instead of sending it as an attachment. The reason for this, as it turned out, was that my email recipient was having trouble with his photo viewer, so embedding the photo in the email message was necessary. There was a little bit of a trick to embedding a photo, so I've laid all out for you here.

Things You'll Need

  • internet connection
  • yahoo email account
  • online photo album account
  • Internet Explorer browser

Step 1

To embed a photo in Yahoo Mail, you need to upload the photo you want to send to an online photo album such as Google Picasa.

Step 2

Open the photo you want to embed in Yahoo Mail, then highlight or select the photo with your cursor. Depress "Control" "C" to copy photo. Be sure to use your keyboard to copy, not right click and select "save image" on your photo. It won't work.

Step 3

Open up your Yahoo email account in Internet Explorer. This will not work with Mozilla Firefox (I tried several times.) Make sure Yahoo! email display setting is set to HTML or Rich Text, not Plain Text.

Step 4

Click your cursor in the text field of Yahoo! Mail and depress "control" "V" on your keyboard to paste the copied photo into the field. Your copied photo should appear in the text field and is now embedded.