How to Emulate a Gameboy on an iPhone

By Techwalla Electronics Editor

As if the iPhone didn't do enough on its own, it appears that it also has the power to emulate other electronic devices. For gamers, that may mean getting an iPhone to act like a Gameboy. Yes, it is absolutely possible. However, as these are not officially licensed programs, it is important to advise iPhone owners to emulate at their own risk.

Step 1

Search for gpSPhone on the internet. This is one of the very few (or only) software programs available to provide the Gameboy experience on the iPhone.

Step 2

Be sure that the gpSPhone program you select is the very latest version. As most of the iPod hack programs are in a constant state of development, earlier versions of the program are likely to contain glitches and poor quality.

Step 3

Use your iPhone's Safari to go to the site's URL to begin downloading the program.

Step 4

Look for the program in the Games or Recently Added portion of your iPhone menu.

Step 5

Consider using a network such as ZodTTD. Installing their Installer Program allows an automatic uploading of the latest iPhone hack projects.

Tips & Warnings

  • If you are a novice when it comes to installing unregulated software into computerized devices, it may be best to consult someone with experience. Trial and error is not the best course of action with such an expensive piece of equipment.
  • If you are truly lost, consider simply purchasing an actual Gameboy and keeping your equipment intact.
  • One should not expect stellar performance in both sound and graphics quality when employing this program. Development of these programs progresses at an alarming rate, however. Keep on the lookout for improvements.
  • As mentioned before, those who opt to hack their iPhones do so at their own risk. As this potentially violates any warranty or insurance stipulations, any damage incurred to the phone will be the responsibility of the owner.