How to Enable Javascript in your Browser

By Techwalla Contributor

JavaScript is a cool programming language (sort of) that works with HTML. It allows websites to be much more interactive and dynamic, with things like pull-down menus, mouseovers, cookies, advertising, button clicks, and so on. But to get all these goodies, JavaScript has to be enabled in your browser. Although it's usually enabled by default, it's sometimes necessary to manually enable Javascript. Here's how.

Step 1

INTERNET EXPLORER1. Click the Tools menu. 2. Select Internet Options. 3, Click the Security tab. 4. Click the Custom Level button. 5. Scroll down until you see the 'Scripting' section. Select the 'Enable' radio button for 'Active Scripting.' 6. Click the OK button. 7. Click the Yes button in the confirmation window.

Step 2

FIREFOX1. Click the Tools menu. 2. Select Options. 3. Click the Contents tab. 4. Select the 'Enable JavaScript' checkbox. 5. Click the OK button. (why is Firefox always easier than IE?)

Step 3

APPLE'S SAFARI1. Click the Safari menu. 2. Select Preferences. 3. Click the Security tab. 4. Select the 'Enable JavaScript' checkbox.(why are Apple products always the easiest?)

Step 4

GOOGLE CHROME1. Click the monkeywrench icon in the top right corner of your browser.2. Click "Options" and then "Under the Hood".3. In the "Privacy" area, click "Content Setting".4. Under "Features", select "JavaScript".5. Click the button for "Allow all sites to run JavaScript".

Step 5

There you go. You should be all set. But if you need additional information, see the helpful Resources section.