How to Enable Sound in Windows XP

By Eli Laurens

Enabling the audio in Windows XP increases the entertainment value of the computer and makes the Internet much more exciting. The sounds can be enabled by the average user in about 10 minutes.

Enabling Sound in Windows XP

Step 1

Install the drivers for the sound device. If the sound hardware came with an installation disc, insert the CD into the drive and follow the prompts. If the sound device does not have a disc, contact the manufacturer or download the drivers from the manufacturer's website. To check the system for sound devices, go to "Start," "Control Panel" and "Sound and Audio Devices." The primary sound device will be shown in the top of this window.

Step 2

Check the "Audio Devices" properties window for muted volume or the volume bar set to minimum. Either of these will cause the sound to not work.

Step 3

Check "Device Manager" for improper settings or problems with the device. Go to "Start," "Control Panel" and "System," then select the "Hardware" tab, then press the "Device Manager" button. A list of hardware will be displayed. Audio devices are under "Sound Video and Game Controllers." The device will be titled the same as it appeared in the "Sound and Audio Devices" window in the "Control Panel." By double clicking on the device, it will display the properties. There is a selection at the bottom of the first tab that will display whether the device is "Enabled" or "Disabled." Any conflicts will also be given in the form of small exclamation marks.

Step 4

Check the volume knob on the physical speakers.

Tips & Warnings

  • Test sounds in Windows and in other software as there might be a volume problem, not a sound device issue.
  • Do not adjust settings without understanding the function.