How to Estimate the Cost for Wiring a House

By Nichole Liandi

Putting a Local Area Network, or LAN, into your house can let you do more than access the internet. You'll be able to share information and media among your house's computers and network-ready entertainment devices and servers. Here's how to go about estimating the cost of your system.

Things You'll Need

  • Networking price lists and specifications

How to Estimate the Cost for Wiring a House

Step 1

Determine your current and potential networking needs. While you may have only a computer or two in your house currently, odds are you'll have more devices in the future. Go through your house, room by room, and do an inventory of what your future networking needs may be. Remember that many future entertainment devices, like televisions and DVRs, may have networking capabilities that are not extant now, so don't rule out any room as having networking potential.

Step 2

Research hardware costs once you've decided how many rooms you'll want to wire. Consider hardware items like routers when determining these costs and planning ahead. For example, a router that can handle only a few computers will need to be replaced in the future if you go beyond its current capabilities. Determine the type of cable you'll want to use, and determine the cost per foot. In addition, determine the costs of junction boxes and wall outlets for your system, keeping in mind the topology you've chosen for your network.

Step 3

Measure the wiring runs you'll need to make the house meet your needs. Be sure to factor in a bit extra on wiring runs to take into account routing difficulties you may run into when you're fishing the wire through the walls.

Step 4

Now add it all up--add the costs of wiring, routers and miscellaneous items together and you'll have a good estimate for how much it will cost you to wire your house for a LAN.

Tips & Warnings

  • Consider getting estimates from professionals if you're not comfortable doing the work yourself.