How to Find A POP Server Name

By Anthony Smith

There are a wide variety of Internet service providers (ISP's) for computer users to choose from, as well as many different email management software programs. In order for this software to communicate with the ISP's and facilitate the sending and receiving of the user's email messages, the software must know where to find them. Many ISP's are using what are called POP3 servers to handle email tasks. Any computer user wanting to use third party email software needs to know how to find his ISP's POP server name.

Step 1

Write down the name of your ISP and have it handy. Open your web browser and go to the link under "Additional Resources."

Step 2

Use the alphabetical buttons to click on the first letter of the name of your ISP. Scan the left hand column and locate your ISP. Click on it and information pertaining to your ISP will be displayed, including the POP3 server name.

Step 3

Call the ISP customer service phone number directly and ask for the POP3 server for email setup if the web site above does not list your ISP. This is a common question and the answering rep will have it or be able to direct you to a person that does.

Step 4

Log on to your ISP's company web site and navigate to the email settings or FAQ page. Again, POP3 server questions are frequently asked, and it should be available on the web site.

Tips & Warnings

  • Some free email service providers will require you to upgrade to a paid service in order to use POP3 servers.