How to Find an Airtel Number

By Kim Sarah

Airtel is an Indian cell phone network. If you would like to know the number of an Airtel user, you must first be sure the person or business is, in fact, an Airtel user. Once you know this, you can find the number like you would any other number. You simply have to use the resources available to you in India.

Things You'll Need

  • Internet or paper phone book access


Step 1

Point your browser to a phone listing website.

Step 2

Enter the name or business name in the search field. With the name of a person, the last name is most important. An address may also help to narrow down the search.

Step 3

Click "Search" on the website. Pressing this button will bring up phone numbers of people or businesses that match your search criteria.


Step 1

Obtain an Indian phone book that is physically in print.

Step 2

Look up a person by last name. Narrow the search by knowing the address of the person.

Step 3

Look up a business by type and then by name. Phone books typically list businesses alphabetically and divided into their type. The types of business are also listed alphabetically.

Step 4

Locate the number of the person or business next to the name.

Tips & Warnings

  • Private numbers will not be listed online or in a paper phone book.