How to Find Duplicate Entries on Excel

By Diana Braun

Business professionals and students use Microsoft Office Excel to create simple-to-complex spreadsheets capable of analyzing and organizing data. Spreadsheets often contain extensive data in which records and entries may be duplicated. Excel comes equipped with a feature called Conditional Formatting that helps find and highlight duplicate entries in a spreadsheet.

Things You'll Need

  • Microsoft Office Excel 2007

Step 1

Launch Microsoft Office Excel 2007 on your computer.

Step 2

Select the rows or columns where you want to find the duplicate entries. Point your mouse in the first cell and continue to hold down the mouse while you drag over the cells you wish to search.

Step 3

Click the “Home” tab and then click “Conditional Formatting” under “Styles” in the top menu.

Step 4

Select “Highlight Cells Rules” from the drop-down menu. Click on “Duplicate Values.”

Step 5

Select “Duplicate” under “Format cells that contain:” in the Duplicate Values dialog box.

Step 6

Select a highlighting style from the drop-down menu in the Duplicate Values dialog box. Styles include a variety of fill and text-color options.

Step 7

Click “OK.” All duplicate values will be highlighted in your Excel spreadsheet.