How to Find if Flash Player Is Installed

By Christina Shaffer

Adobe Flash Player is a Web browser plug-in that allows you to view a variety of Flash media content online, such as animations, videos and advertisements. Many gaming websites also require you to have the Flash Player installed to participate in interactive online games. If you're having trouble viewing Flash media content, you may not have the plug-in installed on your computer. You can also experience problems if your Flash Player software is not up-to-date. To find out whether or not you have Adobe Flash Player installed, you can visit Adobe's official website.

Step 1

Go to Adobe's official website and click the "My Support" link at the top of the page.

Step 2

Click the "Adobe Flash Player" icon on the product support page.

Step 3

Click the "Flash Player Developer Center" link, which is located in the "More Help" section. The "Flash Player for end users" section will display Adobe's latest available version of Flash Player.

Step 4

Click the "Check Version" button to determine if you have Flash Player installed on your computer. If the software is installed, your version will be listed in the "Version Information" box.