How to Find Latitude & Longitude From My Address

By Mitchel Stimers

You can find the latitude and longitude of your residence using Google Maps, which displays your position information in decimal degrees. The first number displayed is your latitude, ranging from zero to 90, with positive values in the northern hemisphere and negative values in the southern hemisphere. The second value is your longitude, ranging from zero to 180, with positive values in the eastern hemisphere and negative values in the western hemisphere.

Step 1

Open an Internet browser and go to Google Maps.

Step 2

Enter your address in the search box at the top. Be sure to include all pieces of the address, including street name and building number, apartment, suite, condo or other unit number if applicable, as well as the city, state and zip code. Click on "Search Maps" when you have finished entering your address.

Step 3

Examine the display results in the left window. "Sponsored Links" may appear, easily identifiable by the text indicating it is a sponsored link, as well as a yellow background; ignore these for the purposes of this exercise. The result of your search will have a red balloon with the letter "A" in it.

Step 4

Click on the tab in the top right corner of the window that is labeled "Satellite." This turns on the satellite imagery view, and can help you in identifying your residence. The street map will remain visible on top of the image.

Step 5

Identify your residence, using the "A" balloon as a guide. The balloon may not be exactly on top of the building you are searching for, but it should be very close in most cases.

Step 6

Zoom in on your residence using the button marked with a + on the scale at the top-left of the page. Zoom in until you can positively identify your residence. As you zoom in, the map will remain centered on the "A" balloon. If you zoom in too many levels, the satellite imagery will disappear, due to resolution limits. If this happens, zoom out (click the - sign) one or more levels to bring the imagery back.

Step 7

Move the cursor, which appears as an open hand, directly over your residence and right-click once. This will bring up a menu with several options.

Step 8

Move the cursor down to the option labeled "What's Here?" and click on it. A green arrow will appear in the exact location you right-clicked on, and the latitude and longitude, in decimal degrees, will appear in the body of the search box located at the top-left of the page (the latitude and longitude can also be displayed by hovering the cursor over the green arrow).

Tips & Warnings

  • Using Google Maps to search for house addresses is relatively easy, but when searching for apartment complexes, or any other building that is subdivided into smaller units, the ability to identify exactly where each unit is becomes difficult, since the satellite imagery cannot reveal such information. Referring to Step 8 above, place the cursor over the location on the building that you think best matches the location of your apartment or other unit. When trying to determine the latitude and longitude of a single structure such as a home, it is commonly accepted that the exact measurement should be taken at the centermost point of the structure, as best as you can determine.