How to Find My Phone Applications

By Damarious Page

Modern cell-phone devices rival personal computers, specifically how people use the hardware with various software applications. Many smartphones support office productivity programs, such as Microsoft Outlook, Word and Excel. You can also download various other software products specifically designed to suit your computing needs, such as playing games and music. Externally, you can connect your cell phone to a computer via a USB cable and have immediate access to websites. This process is called tethering, and the service is described as mobile broadband. Your cell phone is a multifunctional piece of hardware, and you would naturally look in several places to find compatible software applications.

Things You'll Need

  • USB Cable

Step 1

Use the software CD that came in your cell phone's packaging to find its applications. Alternatively, purchase a separate data connectivity kit that includes the extra USB data cable and a software/drivers CD that facilitates connecting the phone to a computer. Insert the CD in the drive on your computer and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation and setup process.

Step 2

Navigate to Microsoft Windows' compatibility websites to find applications for your cell phone. The immediate purposefulness that you get from the site is that you can determine if your cell-phone hardware is compatible with any particular version of Windows. Secondarily, if your phone is listed as compatible, Microsoft includes a "Support" link that will take you to your cell-phone manufacturer's website, and there you can find software and applications for your phone.

Step 3

Visit your cell-phone manufacturer's support website, such as Samsung and LG, to find applications. In addition, to building your phone's hardware, developers at these companies also program software drivers to help computers recognize your phone. You might also find complementary software applications that help you get extra use out of your phone, such as the programs that help you create your own personal ringtones.

Step 4

Contact the technical support department for your cell-phone service provider or visit the company's website to find software and applications. Ask the agent for assistance with finding and updating the software on both your cell phone and PC. In some cases, they can perform certain tasks remotely, over the phone. If you visit the website, download the software specific to your phone model. Another option, is to use the "app" store from your cell phone to find applications and software.

Step 5

Bring up the websites for companies that specialize in cell-phone "apps" only. These companies and the people who develop the software are numerous. Many apps are free, but there are many for which you'll have to pay a fee. You can use a few download methods to get the apps onto your cell phone, such as using the WAP Internet directly from your phone or tethering the phone to a PC.

Tips & Warnings

  • Bookmark the link and make frequent visits to your phone's software download website to find updated applications and drivers. This habit is especially important as you upgrade operating systems and service packs on your PC.