How to Find Out if You Are Blocked From Someone on Facebook

By Robert Schrader

Facebook allows you to communication with friends, family members and professional associates -- or, if you prefer, to prevent them from communicating with you at all. When someone blocks you on Facebook, you lose the ability to see his profile and the messages he posts to his New Feed, and also cannot send him private messages or have real-time chats. Find out whether someone has blocked you by using one of several means.

Step 1

Visit the person's Facebook page using a direct URL link, if you know it. If she's blocked you, you'll receive a message saying the page doesn't exist or is unavailable.

Step 2

Search for your friend -- using his first and last name, or the email address he uses with Facebook -- via Facebook's Search feature. Enter your friend's full name into the Search box and click "Enter." Browse your search results. If he's blocked you, his profile won't appear in your search results.

Step 3

Ask a mutual friend whether she can still see your friend's profile if you can't access it and aren't sure if he deleted it or has simply blocked you. If another user can see the profile and you can't, you know that your former friend has blocked you.

Step 4

Attempt to reply to a message your friend has previously sent you. If replying to him fails -- in other words, you're prohibited from sending him a message -- he's blocked you.

Tips & Warnings

  • Don't create a false profile in an attempt to contact someone who has blocked you. Doing so constitutes harassment and may result in your main profile being suspended or deleted from Facebook.