How to Find the Model of a Phillips TV

By Eoghan McCloskey

In order to address certain simple technical problems you might encounter with your home-electronic devices, it is useful to know specific information on the exact model. Knowing the specific make and model of a TV, for instance, can enable you to search for the User's Manual online, look up consumer reviews of the TV before purchasing and receive model-specific customer support should you ever need to contact the manufacturer of the TV. If you use a Philips TV but are unsure of the model, you can determine this information in just a few steps.

Step 1

Examine the documentation that came with the TV. The front page of the User's Manual will always have the specific model of the TV listed. The box the TV came in will also list the model of the TV.

Step 2

Look on the TV itself. Newer designs for LCD and plasma TVs typically have a sleek look, consequently they often do not feature model identifiers on the front of the TV. However, some do. Also, others print the model of the TV on the back panel.

Step 3

Contact Philips customer support. If you purchased the TV after 2008, call 1-866-771-4018. If the TV was purchased before 2008, call 1-866-310-0787. Be sure to have the TV's serial number handy as reading this to the customer-support representative will allow her to tell you the model of the TV.