How to Find the Winning Lotto Numbers

By Diana Braun

Winning the lottery is a dream just about everyone fantasizes about. The chance to win a large some of money by selecting a few correct numbers is a life changer. Some of the largest lottery programs in the United States include the Powerball, Mega Millions and individual state lotteries. The more people that play, the higher the prize money goes up. There are several different methods to check to see if your lottery ticket matches the winning lotto numbers.

Step 1

Watch the nightly news. Drawings often occur on Wednesday and Saturday after the late night news.

Step 2

Check the official website of your lottery ticket. The official website is often printed on the backside of the ticket. The winning lotto numbers are posted online shortly after the nightly drawing.

Step 3

Read the newspaper. Winning lottery numbers are posted the day following the drawing in the local section.

Step 4

Visit a gas station or convenience store that sells lottery tickets. These businesses often post the latest winning lottery numbers.