How to Find URLs

By Stephania M

Uniformed Residence Locator (URL) is the name applied to the system of identifying Internet web pages. The first part of a URL identifies the type of protocol needed to access the information at the desired URL. For instance, when the Hypertext Transfer Protocol accesses the URL, "http" appears at the beginning of the URL name. The second part of the URL describes the location of the URL, such as ""

Step 1

Enter the name of the target URL (enclosed in quotation marks) into your Internet browser. Press "Enter." This strategy searches for all instances of the URL on the Internet.

Step 2

Enter a URL search term into your Internet browser. Press "Enter." This search method results in URLs that contain your search term. The search terms will appear in no specific order. For instance, if you type "olive oil scrub" (without quotation marks), the URL may contain "olive" in the first paragraph, "oil" in another paragraph and "scrub" in another.

Step 3

Type a URL search term (enclosed in quotation marks) into your Internet browser. Strike "Enter." This option searches for URLs that include the exact search that you entered. A search for "olive oil scrub" (with quotation marks) will show only URLs that contain that exact phrase.