How to Find Yearbook Pictures Online

With the Internet as a daily staple of modern life, finding yearbook photographs of long-lost friends is no longer a difficult and daunting task. Before the Internet, tracking down information and pictures of friends that had relocated was next to impossible. Today, numerous options exist for finding old high school yearbook pictures.

Yearbook pictures are frequently available on social networking websites.

Finding Yearbook Pictures Online


Search on the website This site allows individuals to search through a vast database of approximately 157 million yearbook photos. The website provides pictures from elementary to high school years. To conduct a search, all that is needed are the school name, as well as the first and last name of the individual. The website's picture database goes all the way back to 1953 up to the present day.


Search, a website that provides listings of graduating classes. On this site, people can search through their high school and their graduating class. The option to post nostalgic yearbook pictures is available. Apart from posting yearbook photographs, website users also often post current photographs as well as updates on their lives. Register for free to search through


Visit social networking websites. Many people use social networking websites such as Facebook, MySpace, Orkut and Friendster as a platform to post pictures of themselves from the past, such as yearbook photographs. Register for free and browse through the users by first and last name, as well as location. Facebook also enables users to search by high school and graduation year.