How to Find Your Phone Without Someone Calling You

By Astrid Bidanec

As technology continues to advance, cell phones are getting increasingly smaller and lighter, which can easily result in misplacing or losing them. On the other side of the coin, finding a misplaced or lost phone can be a lot easier if the right applications have been installed prior to the event. Nevertheless, there are some basic steps you can take to find your phone regardless of the make, model and installed technology, even without someone else calling you.

Step 1

Retrace your steps leading all the way back to the location where you last remember using or seeing your phone and check all the obvious places first. Sometimes juggling multiple activities at once results in absentmindedly misplacing common items like keys, glasses and, of course, phones. Be thorough and remain calm. Getting upset only complicates the situation further and prevents you from thinking logically.

Step 2

Ask any family members, guests or co-workers who are physically present if they have seen your phone. Sometimes we can't see the forest for the trees when we actively search for something. It's also possible that someone simply borrowed your phone without asking. Either way, enlisting another pair of eyes to look for it certainly can't hurt.

Step 3

Call or text your phone from your computer to locate it via sound, or offer a reward to the person who finds it. Sprint and most other cell phone service providers offer free texting applications to registered customers on their websites. You can also use it to let friends and family know that you are currently looking for your phone. The instant messaging software, Skype, lets you call your phone from your computer for free.

Step 4

Contact your cell phone provider's customer service to request locating your phone via GPS. Keep in mind that this will only result in a ball park area rather than an exact address. Moreover, GPS tracking only works when your phone is on, so you will come up empty-handed if the battery is dead.

Tips & Warnings

  • Pre-install appropriate software that helps you locate a misplaced phone via GPS online. Adding phone insurance would also be a good idea since it replaces your lost or stolen phone for free.
  • If you can't locate your phone report it to your service provider and register it at
  • Beware of costly monthly service applications for locating lost phones that are offered by your cell phone service provider or third parties. There are plenty of free alternatives available.