How to Find Your SSID

By Christopher Kennedy

An SSID (service set identifier) is the name a Wi-Fi network is identified by and is used to distinguish among the many Wi-Fi networks that may be available in a particular area. If a user does not change his SSID during the router setup process, it is most likely the default one provided with the router.

Step 1

Log on to a computer that has access to your wireless network.

Step 2

Click your wireless networking icon, located in your computer's task bar or menu bar.

Step 3

Locate the check mark located next to one of the wireless networks on your Mac computer. The name the check mark is listed next to is the wireless network you are connected to and thus your network's SSID.

Step 4

Hover over the wireless networking icon on your PC to display the name of the network you are connected to. The name listed is your SSID. If it is not displayed, click "View Available Wireless Networks" and locate the name of the network that computer has associated with "Connected."