How to Fix a Computer That Is Stuck on the Loading Screen

By Larry Amon

When you turn on your computer, it starts to load Windows. This usually takes a few minutes and is often when a problem can show up, stopping the computer from completely loading and leaving you wondering what to do next. The most likely cause is you've recently installed some hardware or software, and upon restarting, the computer didn't know how to handle it. Not to worry, there are several options that often solve this type of problem.

Things You'll Need

  • Windows installation DVD

Step 1

Disconnect any hardware you recently installed, such as a sound card. It could be causing the issue. The hardware may be defective or your computer may not have the capability to use it.

Step 2

Start the computer and wait for the Desktop to show up. If the Desktop appears to be just seconds away from showing up but never does, hold down the Ctrl-Alt-Del key combination. In the menu that pops up, choose "Start Task Manager." Select any task you see in the "Application" tab and choose "End task." This may allow the computer to finish loading.

Step 3

Restart the computer if the problem persists. When starting, hold down the F8 key to get a list of startup options. Select the option for "Last Known Good Configuration." Let Windows boot up. If this doesn't work, restart and choose "Advanced Boot Menu" and then "Safe Mode." Let Windows load. If either solution works, go to the Control Panel and choose "Uninstall a program." Select the last thing you installed and choose "Uninstall."

Step 4

Attempt to repair Windows. This may be your last option if nothing else works. Insert the Windows DVD and restart the computer. When the computer restarts, press any key to boot from the DVD. At the first menu choose your language and country and click "Next." Choose the "Repair your computer" option. Use the recovery tools option and then "Startup Repair." If this doesn't work, repeat these steps and choose "System Restore" instead of "Startup Repair" and choose a date before you began experiencing the problem.