How to Fix a Page Load Error

By Charles Pearson

Webpage isn't loading? Don't panic. There are many small reasons that webpages might decide not to load. Some of these problems have to do with the Web browser itself while other problems are caused by the website. Many of these problems are easily resolvable.

Things You'll Need

  • Flash drive
  • Java
  • Adobe flash player

Step 1

Click the "Refresh" button. Sometimes the website simply fails to load and needs to be retried again.

Step 2

Check your Internet connection. If your computer is disconnected from the Internet or only has limited access, you will not be able to access webpages.

Step 3

Try viewing the webpage from a different browser. Some webpages have coding that is not compatible with some webpages. Try Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Safari or Opera.

Step 4

Run anti-malware programs, delete cookies, close as many processes as possible and use the memory booster program found on flash drives to speed up your computer and maximize the chances that you are able to connect.

Step 5

Contact the webmaster and ask if you need any specific programs to access the webpage such as Java or Adobe flash player. Locate these programs and download them. They are all free.

Step 6

Wait awhile and then return to the webpage. The webpage might be updating.

Step 7

Try restarting your computer.

Tips & Warnings

  • If you cannot access any webpages, you likely have an Internet connection problem or a malware problem.