How to Fix a Redirect Virus

By Lysis

One administrative duty for a website is watching for any malware that may affect sales or Google rank. A redirect virus is one that redirects Google when it crawls the site to another website. Normal visitors and the website owner may see the website normally; however, the redirection steals the Google organic rank and keyword benefits from the site, so the site loses rank in the search engine results. There are several methods by which a malicious hacker can hijack a website. Many malware programs are installed on the website using virus software installed on the computer. The malware searches for website passwords, uploads malicious code, and starts stealing traffic. For this reason, cleaning your website alone is not sufficient. The site owner needs to run antivirus software on the machine, clean the code on the website and update to the latest content management system.

Things You'll Need

  • Antivirus software installed on your machine
  • Google Webmaster Tools account

Step 1

Run your antivirus on every machine that has access to the website files. The virus monitors the website to keep it infected, so cleaning the virus from your website first just leads to reinfection. Run an antivirus software with the latest definition files on your machine first.

Step 2

Search all website files for suspicious redirects. The most common places for infection are adding iframe HTML tags to the website pages that point to a malicious website. These redirect viruses also infect Javascript files. You can also use the resource link at the bottom of the article to help you find malicious code. Unmask Parasites searches files on the website for any suspicious code.

Step 3

Update all your websites with the latest versions for any content management system (CMS). Websites targeted are ones with Joomla or Wordpress installed to manage your content. Both of these CMS applications update software regularly to prevent infection from redirect viruses.

Step 4

Request a review from Google using Google Webmaster Tools (GWT). When a website gets redirected, your Google rank suffers and the website may show a warning to visitors when they search for your site on Google. Therefore, requesting a review stops the warning and helps you regain your Google rank. The second resource link has the location for GWT.