How to Fix Inaccurate Time on a Laptop Computer

By Contributing Writer

Your computer internal clock can be based on manual input, either by you or by the laptop manufacturer, or on outside time servers. If your laptop clock does not display the correct time, you need to check if all the configuration has been done properly. Configuration such as BIOS time, time server used, time zone or daylight savings.

Step 1

Check your manual to know how to enter the BIOS on your laptop. Reboot your computer, enter the BIOS, and check the date and time. If the time is wrong, reset it to the right time. Save and exit the BIOS. Turn your laptop off, unplug your power cord, and remove the battery of the laptop. Wait 10 minutes and re-enter the BIOS. If the time is no longer accurate, it is most likely that the BIOS battery needs to be replaced. Contact the manufacturer of the laptop to know your options.

Step 2

If the time in the BIOS is accurate, boot into your operating system. Click on the time and choose “Change date and time.” Check if the Time Zone is correct. If it is not, change it to the correct one.

Step 3

Check if the operating system automatically changes the time for daylight savings. If it does not, check that option.

Step 4

Go to the “Internet Time” tab and configure a time server if your system doesn’t use one. Click “Change settings” and check “Synchronize with an Internet time server.”

Step 5

If the time continues to be inaccurate, scan your computer for viruses or malware using an online virus scanner such as the ones from Kaspersky or TrendMicro.