How to Fix Internet Explorer

By Techwalla Internet Editor

Although Internet Explorer's one of the most widely used browsers, you're still likely to encounter problems at one time or another. Problems may include the browser window not opening or Explorer running slowly. Most issues with Internet Explorer occur due to missing or corrupted files. You can use the following steps to fix Internet Explorer in Windows.

Step 1

Remove Internet Explorer from your computer. Before attempting to fix Internet Explorer, you should remove the old program files through Windows.

Step 2

Reinstall Internet Explorer. After you remove Internet Explorer from your computer, you should put a new and updated version on your computer. Get a free download from the Microsoft website.

Step 3

Keep your Windows Service Pack updated. When you download Internet Explorer from Microsoft, also choose to download a current version of the Windows Service Pack. After the two programs are installed, it should fix the problem with Internet Explorer.

Step 4

Run the System File Checker. This feature can detect problems with Internet Explorer and repair them. Type "sfc /scannow" in the "Run" menu. After restarting your computer, any Internet Explorer file issues are resolved.

Step 5

Reset your settings. If you still encounter a problem with Internet Explorer after completing these steps, you can try to restore the browser's original settings. To do this, locate the "Internet Options" tab under the "Tools" menu. Under the "Advanced" option, you can select the "Reset" feature.

Tips & Warnings

  • If you think a virus or spyware may have caused your issues with Internet Explorer, run a scan using your updated antivirus software. Repair and remove any viruses or spyware found on your computer.