How to Fix Internet Explorer When It Says Internet Program Is Not Responding

By Marie Cartwright

Having too many tabs open at one time can cause Internet Explorer to freeze up, especially if you are running several streaming videos or browser-based games. Sometimes you may encounter a badly designed or malfunctioning website that causes IE to freeze. If Internet Explorer is displaying the "Not Responding" status, force a shutdown of the program, wait a minute or two, then relaunch it. You can close non-responsive programs through the Windows Task Manager.

Step 1

Press and hold the Ctrl, Alt and Del keys. Your screen will be replaced with a list of Windows options. Click "Start Task Manager." The screen will return to normal and the Task Manager window will appear.

Step 2

Select the "Applications" tab. This will display a list of all of the programs you have open. Next to the Internet Explorer listing, you will see the status listed as "Not Responding."

Step 3

Select the Internet Explorer listing. Click the "End Task" button at the bottom of the Task Manager window. Internet Explorer may take a minute to close once the button has been pressed, so do not press it repeatedly.

Step 4

Wait 15 seconds once Internet Explorer has closed. Relaunch Internet Explorer. Do not restore your previous tabs. If you know the website that caused the issue, do not visit it again. Try to limit the number of bandwidth-heavy tabs you have open at a time.