How to Fix Stuck Buttons on a PSP

By David Gitonga

Even if you are not a hardcore gamer, your PSP buttons will break over time. You can either take it to a professional or undertake the challenge yourself.

Things You'll Need

  • Small Phillip's screwdriver
  • Anti-static dust brush
  • Lint-free wipes

Opening Your PSP

Step 1

Locate the screws on the back your PSP. Unscrew them, and take care not to loose any of the screws.

Step 2

Start with the bottom silver screw near the USB port.

Step 3

Open the top left screw located underneath the battery

Step 4

Open the black screw underneath the battery on the left of the warranty sticker. You will have to pry open the sticker to expose the screw which is carefully hidden.

Step 5

Open the top left screw on the back where there is a hole on the outer casing

Step 6

Unscrew the right bottom screw on the back where there is a hole on the outer casing.

Step 7

Gently pull off the faceplate and place it on the side to expose your PSP.

Step 8

Your L+R buttons are now exposed at the top of your PSP. You can remove them. Try wiping them first together with their contacts using a lint free cloth to clean up any accumulated dust.

Fix Buttons

Step 1

Check for stuck buttons located on the far left of your PSP.

Step 2

Nudge any stuck buttons to loosen them with the screwdriver Be careful not to scratch the gold railings.

Step 3

Examine the buttons for anything visible that could be causing the problem and clean them up before replacing them back.

Step 4

To repair the Analog Stick, remove the 2 screws holding the assembly. It will lift off.

Step 5

Nudge the stick gently to loosen. Do some basic cleaning before replacing the screws.

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