How to Fix the Screen on a MacBook

By Pilar Ethridge

Apple is widely recognized as a revolutionary force, having changed the computing world forever. But this does not mean that Apple products are problem free. If your MacBook screen is on the fritz, there are a few troubleshooting options that may help address the issue and allow you to get the most out of your computer.

Step 1

Make sure that your computer is plugged into a power outlet that works. This source of electricity is important as it will power the display's backlighting.

Step 2

Check that you have the most updated operating system that is available for your computer. An outdated operating system might be the issue. If you need to reinstall, remember to restart the computer afterward.

Step 3

Reboot your MacBook's parameter RAM, which might be affecting video settings. Do this by pressing and holding the following keys simultaneously: Command, Option, P, R. Keep holding until the computer restarts, and release when you hear the startup chimes. Upon reboot, your computer will be reset to factory defaults. This might solve your display issues.

Step 4

Adjust the screen resolution manually if the problem persists. You can select any resolution, including the default setting, and then restart your computer to see if the display is restored.

Tips & Warnings

  • Remember to document each troubleshooting step that you take just in case none of them lead to a solution. If you choose to follow up by contacting an Apple representative, you'll want to have a list of fixes you have already tried.