How to Fix USB Ports

By Justin Obrien

It is such a hassle when your USB port doesn't seem to be working or when it does not read what's connected to your computer. You might have a speaker, microphone, keyboard, mouse, webcam, digital camera, joystick or printer that are connected via a USB port. You are sure you have the device properly connected, and you are confident all gadgets are working well, but still, you can't seem to make it work. Initially, you need to plug and unplug the device to see if the connection is loose. But if it still does not work, there are simple steps to fix your USB port.

Fix USB Ports

Step 1

Shut down the computer, then turn it back on to make sure the device (speaker, microphone, keyboard, mouse, webcam, joystick or printer) is properly connected.

Step 2

Right click on "My Computer" and choose "Properties."

Step 3

Click the tab that says "Hardware."

Step 4

Choose "Device Manger."

Step 5

Look for "Universal Serial Bus Controller" and click the plus sign before it.

Step 6

Check if anything has a yellow question mark. Having a yellow question mark means Windows has detected a problem.

Step 7

Find your initial installer CD for your PC. Place it in the CD drive, double click the USB drive and click "update device," and the driver will automatically be updated.

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