How to Forward Funny SMS Messages

By Beverley Lee

Often you receive a funny text that you would like to pass on to a friend. This should be an easy task depending on what cell phone you have. You must have your contacts list set up and SMS forwarding on your phone. If you have an iPhone 3, then see instructions in Step 4.

Things You'll Need

  • Cell phone
  • Contacts list

Simple Instructions

Step 1

Open the SMS message and click on menu options. Click on "Forward." "To" or "Send to" should now appear, sometimes with the message below it. Click the menu options again and from the list click on "Choose contact" or "Send to" to select a name from your contact book.

Step 2

Choose the contact(s) you wish to forward the message to. Depending on the phone, it should keep adding "To" so that you can add contacts. Review the list to ensure the right contacts are included.

Step 3

Go back into the menu options and from the list click "Send."

Step 4

If you have an iPhone3, this particular phone does not have SMS forwarding, and you need to go into an application to do it (see Resources). The iPhone4 can forward SMS texts. To do so, tap "Edit," then "Forward," add your contacts, then tap "Send."

Tips & Warnings

  • Always check the contacts you are forwarding your messages to carefully.
  • See instructions above for iPhone3, which does not have the "normal" SMS text facility but involves using an application.

References & Resources